Pokhara Travel Guide

Pokhara Travel Guide

Pokhara Travel Guide
Pokhara Travel Guide
Pokhara Travel Guide
Pokhara Travel Guide
Pokhara Travel Guide

Popular tourist destination Pokhara is the main tourism hub and the capital of tourism in Nepal. Every year the majority of tourist travel Pokhara to experience the ultimate adventure. Pokhara became a famous tourist destination for trekking (Annapurna Mountain Trek). Besides trekking, there are many reasons which made Pokhara a must-visit destination for all in South Asia. This Pokhara tour guide will definitely inspire you to explore Pokhara, the peaceful destination in Nepal.

Pokhara is Nepal's number 1 adventure and leisure city, a trekking gateway to the Annapurna's with plenty of entertainment for individual travellers as well as families with kids. In Pokhara you can experience the best in trekking, boating, hiking, pony rides, paragliding or simply relax at one of the lakes near the city with the stunning Annapurna mountain range at the background.

Things To Do In Pokhara

Other than that, Pokhara has almost no sights, but the paragliding, the lake and the astonishing views of all the Annapurna Range and the Daulaghiri in a clear sky day are reasons enough not to miss this city.

Hiking & Trekking
Pokhara is well-known as a starting point for various trekking trail and expeditions in the Annapurna . Most of the hikers and trekkers for Annapurna and Ghandruk, respectively, build Pokhara as their first stop, or as relaxing station before they head out for serious walking. So, one may enjoy boating and reading books observing the serenity of the nature, or enjoy a couple of drinks, either in local restaurants or at a blues bar, or may simply enjoy sightseeing or cycling around the city.

Mountain Biking
Pokhara is very popular for mountain biking and cycles are available pretty much everywhere with prices ranging from between 200 – 500 rps. per day. The stores do not really seem to maintain the bikes particularly well so consider performing an M-Check and be sure pay special attention to the brakes, tyres, chain, gears and even the handlebars before you leave the store. A popular ride is around the lakeside to “Happy Village” and then as far as the river bed. This can be quite tough owing to very bumpy roads and midday heat so make sure you pace yourself properly.

There are quite a lot of volunteering options in Pokhara from orphanages and monasteries needing English teachers to informal language exchanges. You can either arrange these online through volunteering organizations, workaway or help exchange or you can simply check local notice boards in hostels and restaurants popular with travellers such as Or2K.

Sightseeing at Pokhara
Pokhara is set right next to a beautiful lake. It is really nice to walk next to it, especially around sunset. You can rent boats or kayaks, visit a temple situated in a tiny island or stop for a beer in one of the many bars located along the lake enjoying a sublime view of the lake. It is the mini-Thamel of Pokhara. Unlike in Kathmandu, here it is far more relaxed, with less traffic and less people bothering you. You can find plenty of Western bars and restaurants plus the typical souvenir shops, bookshops and fake trekking stuff shops. It is also where most of the hotels are.

This is a must-do activity if you visit Pokhara. It is actually said to be the best place in the world to practice this sport. There are hundreds of companies offering paragliding flights all around Pokhara, but the price is fixed by law, so no need to shop around. You can choose between 3 flight times. Go for the early morning one (around 10), as it is when you have more chances of seeing the Annapurna Range. Normally, from 11 or 12, the clouds start to appear and then you don’t see anything. On the other hand, the later you fly the higher you can go thanks to the air.

Best Time To Visit Pokhara: September to November is a peak tourist season with the maximum number of visitors coming during this period. The weather is pleasant and the skies tend to be clear. The second most visit-friendly time of year is early to mid-May. Between June and August, is a monsoon season in Pokhara and there is a lot of rain, which makes it not so favourable time to visit. For winter sports fans, given that Pokhara is a base for a lot of adventure sports, December and January can also be considered to visit here. .

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